Spirit Mountain Academy

Understanding Addiction

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This course provides a comprehensive overview of addiction, including its nature, development, and impact. We will explore the common misconceptions and myths about addiction, the signs and symptoms of addiction, and the various risk factors that contribute to addiction. We will also examine the stages of addiction, from experimentation to dependence, and the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie addiction. Additionally, we will discuss the impact of addiction on family dynamics, including communication, trust, and emotional well-being, and strategies for addressing these issues. By the end of this course, students will have a thorough understanding of addiction and the tools to support those who are struggling with it.

  1. Overview of addiction: what it is and how it develops
  2. Common misconceptions and myths about addiction
  3. Signs and symptoms of addiction
  4. Risk factors and causes of addiction
  5. Stages of addiction and how it progresses
  6. How addiction affects the brain and behavior
  7. The impact of addiction on the family

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